48V Revolution

48V Revolution

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48V Revolution

With the 48V Revolution, our system encompasses a world-first innovation. Through the 2-in-1 integration of 48V eBike mid-motor and stepless planetary gear, Continental presents the first-ever fully automatic and stepless eBike drive.

Technical Specifications

  • Drive system revolution: combination of motor and gearbox in one drive unit
  • Automatic and manual gearshift modes
  • Power: 250W
  • Max torque: 70Nm
  • Weight: 6.4 kg
  • Crank interface: JIS
  • Adjustable cadenz: 40-120

2in1 Innovation

The 48V Revolution is the worldwide first 48V eBike engine with a stepless automatic drive. The seamless 2-in-1 fusion of 70Nm-strong eBike motor and stepless 380% planetary gear (CVP) results in a fully-automatic transmission and sets new standards for integrated eBike systems.

“Stop & Go” Comfort

Transmission ratios can be adjusted even under loading or when at a still stand, enabling you to master stop-and-go situations more comfortably than ever before.  After a stopover, simply ride on with a pleasant gear ratio. 


Automatic or manual gear-change mode

The cyclist has the choice of a cadence-based automatic or manual gear-change mode.  In automatic mode, the desired pedal speed/cadence is established.  The 48V Revolution then adapts automatically to changes in gear ratios, allowing the rider to cycle continually at their desired cadence.  In manual mode, the rider makes the gear changes themselves.

Simple eBike Handling

With the integration of the gear shift in the middle motor, the weight balance of the bicycle shifts to a lower and more central center of gravity.  This optimizes the eBike ride handling and maintenance.  A low-maintenance motor-drive unit, reduced number of interfaces, free back wheel and straightforward positioning simplify repairs.

Stepless automatic transmission

This shifiting technology is already know of the NuVinci Harmony hub gear. To consider experience values for the development of a motor-gearbox-combination, Continental cooperated with NuVinci (NuVinci Optimized). The result is an optimal symbiosis of gearing and drive, which makes the 48V Revolution a unique drive solution for eBikes.

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