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Technical Advices

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Technical advices

Our technical information to avoid damage and loss of function.
  • Service Videos Belt Drive
    Service Videos Belt Drive

    Here you can get an overview of our videos regarding belt drive.

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  • Maintenance

    To extend the service life of the CBD timing belt drive system, we recommend cleaning mud and dirt from the CBD on a regular basis.

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  • Exchanging the belt
    Exchanging the belt

    Carrying out the belt change.

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  • Exchanging sprockets
    Exchanging sprockets

    Exchange the complete CBD timing belt drive system, including both sprockets and the timing belt.

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  • Sprocket alignment
    Sprocket alignment

    The adjustment of the timing belt drive system is very important for ensuring that the CBD functions properly.

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  • Handling

    When handling the timing belt, take note of the following warnings to avoid damaging the timing belt or its functionality.

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  • Belt line
    Belt line

    Check the belt alignment before every ride to ensure that the timing belt is running correctly on the sprocket.

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  • Belt tension
    Belt tension

    Insufficient tension in the timing belt can cause it to jump.

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  • Wear and tear
    Wear and tear

    The CBD timing belt drive system stands out because of its low belt pre-tension and easy handling.

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