The First Wheels with 48V eBike Technology on the Market

With innovative 48V eBike Technology Continental is contributing to the forward-looking trend of emissions-free mobility. The first wheels with the Continental eBike System are now available on the market from launch partner Cycle Union.


Dealer promotional event with 48V eBike System

Cycle Union has completely converted the “e-bike Manufaktur” to 48V eBike Technology. Nine new eBike models are currently introduced – for the company a reason to go on a grand promotional tour across Germany from April to June. There are events planned at numerous specialist bicycle dealers to offer eBikes for test rides and advise customers. There will also be the opportunity to win one of three eBikes.

The team from Continental Bicycle Systems will also be at some events to support Cycle Union. The kickoff for our colleagues is on May 4 and 5 in Gelsenkirchen. It then continues to Rostock on June 2, Hanover on June 6, Bielefeld on June 9 and Ludwigshafen on June 15. A detailed overview of all the tour stops and all other information about Cycle Union, the promotion and much more can be found here:
E-Bike Manufaktur


Event Date Company Address
05/03/2018 Fahrradhaus Große UG Stegemannstr. 33-41
56068 Koblenz
05/04/2018  - 05/05/2018 Fahrrad XXL Meinhövel Mühlenstr. 35
45894 Gelsenkirchen
05/05/2018 Radsport Altig Lenaustr. 14
68167 Mannheim
05/11/2018 Zweirad Hanning Martin-Luther-Str. 19
48301 Nottuln
05/12/2018 Lucky Bike Dortmund Hermannstr. 108
44263 Dortmund
05/17/2018 Fahrradcenter Harburg Großmoordamm 63-67
21079 Hamburg
05/18/2018 Fahrrad & Meer Mühlenstr. 39
25335 Elmshorn
05/19/2018 Tankst.u. Fahrr. Wollesen e.K. Dorfstr. 19
25927 Aventoft
05/30/2018 Bike 24 GmbH Breitscheidstr. 40
01237 Dresden
05/31/2018 Bike Department Ost Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 31
04107 Leipzig
06/01/2018 Fahrrad Magdeburg Hasselbachstr. 8
39104 Magdeburg
06/02/2018 BIKE MARKET GmbH Hornissenweg 5
18069 Rostock-Schutow
06/06/2018 Radhaus Schauerte Hildesheimer Str. 53
30169 Hannover
06/07/2018 Powerslide d. Fahrradladen e.K. Marienstr. 20
32427 Minden
06/08/2018 Tippenhauer Zweiräder Hellweg 1
32825 Blomberg
06/09/2018 Feine Räder GmbH Obernstr. 42
33602 Bielefeld
06/15/2018 XXL Kalker Oderstr. 3
67071 Ludwigshafen
06/16/2018 Kraft Rad Industriestr. 26
72145 Pullheim